Community Rules

Rental payments: Lot rent for a single-wide lot is $210.00 per month and $225.00 for double-wide lots per month. All rents are due and payable for the full amount on or before the 5th of every month. After that there is a $20.00 late fee and $2.00 per day until paid. Please make checks payable to Midwest Rentals and mail to 1405 E. Hwy. 50, Vermillion, S.D. 57069 or payments may be slipped into our drop box at the north entrance of 411 Stanford St. ( the bumpy box closest to the road ). If you pay in cash make sure you get a receipt from Ron or Sara and keep that in your files for future reference.

2. Office Hours: The office hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. The office is located at 1405 E. Hwy. 50, Vermillion, S.D. It may be best to call in advance to conduct business as we often have a busy schedule. You can always call Ron our on site property manager at 605-670-8752. He lives in #52.

3. Parking: Due to City fire codes, there will be NO PARKING on the south side of the streets on 411 Stanford Street. There are signs posted on both sides of the community. Each unit has a parking pad to accommodate two vehicles. There is absolutely no parking on the grass. Recreational vehicles are allowed on a temporary basis only and must be approved by the property manager or owner.

4. Storage Sheds: All storage sheds need to be approved before construction. Sheds may not exceed the height of the home and need to be the same material and color as the home.

5. Trash: The trash is picked up on Tuesday and Friday mornings at the end of your parking pad. We do require that each unit have at least two garbage cans.

6. General: All skirting needs to be vinyl, roofs need to be shingled and decking needs to be maintained or will need to be torn down.

7. Pets: MUST BE AUTHORIZED BY THE PROPERTY MANAGER. Homeowners are allowed to have pets. All pets must be kept inside the home. No pets will be allowed outside unless attended by the owner. No type of outdoor housing for pets is allowed.

8. Mail Keys: Any postal box repairs or concerns must go through Midwest Homes. There is a $10.00 fee when a key is replaced.

9. Boundaries: Each lot has 10 feet on both sides of the home to be considered their property. If you have problems or concerns with your neighbors please try to solve them civilly amongst yourselves.

10. Lawn care: We mow every Thursday and weed eat every other. Please keep the items in your yard to a minimum for easy lawn mowing access and to keep your yard looking clutter free. Wading pools are allowed if drained and moved daily to prevent killing the grass. If possible place them on your concrete pad.

11. Snow Removal: Snow removal is provided by Midwest Homes although each tenant is responsible for their own driveway. If your car is not parked on your parking pad when we are plowing the street we can plow your driveway.

We have been complimented many times on the appearance of our community. We ask our tenants for cooperation in observing these rules to help us maintain our reputation.